Level 1 Principles of Infrared Training Class

NFPA 70E 2018 Edition: Changes and Implications for Personnel Performing Condition-Based Maintenance

Interview with Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS, at The Reliability Conference, 2018

IRISS is a Proud Sponsor of CBM Connect, powered by Mobius Institute

Performing Critical Maintenance Inspections on Transformers

2017 Plant Engineering Award

Stop! Before Installing Your Infrared Window, Watch This Video...

Why We Love Evolution (And You Should, Too!)

How Do I Create a Safe & Effective Electrical Maintenance Program?

Field of View (FOV) Through an IR Window

It's all about the IMPACT...When it comes to IR Windows!

Is knowing your IR windows transmittance rate important?

Emissivity's Role In Infrared Inspections

Why Crystal IR Windows Just Don't Work for Industrial Applications

Is Calendar Based Prevention Maintenance Passé?

When a Window Becomes a Door... An Infrared Window that is!

Delta Data Center Fire - Preventable with Condition Based Maintenance?

Infrared Inspection Window Lens Materials

What is an Infrared Inspection Window?

A Clear Solution to Overcoming Infrared Window Inspection Problems

IRISS Introduces NEW Product

E Sentry Connect - Asset Management System Launches July 1st

Important Safety Standards For Every Infrared Window Application

IRISS Is Awarded The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

IRISS Launches New IR Window With Ultrasound Port Option

Crystal IR Windows are Inferior to the IRISS Polymer IR Windows

Spot “Vs” Area Temperature Measurement using IR Cameras

Why is Emissivity so important?

DNV Certified IR Windows Assure Reliability and Safety at Sea

Talk Talk Invests in Electrical Failure Prevention and Personnel Safety

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8 Reasons to Choose IRISS IR Windows

How can OSHA fine companies for Non-Compliance with the requirements outlined by NFPA70E?

Is there an IR window “Pressure Rating” for use in ISO phase bus pressurized terminal boxes?

Know your Spatial Resolution

The Coffee Cup Test

Last Chance to sign up for the FLUKE VT02 Giveaway!

What are the advantages of using infrared windows in a thermographic inspection program?

Analyzing your findings… How accurate are your readings and why?

The formula for determining Field of View Using any Infrared Camera

Tips for better surveys using Infrared and Ultrasound technologies

What Certifications Apply to Infrared Windows?

How Infrared Detector Response Can Wreak Havoc on Emissivity / Reflectivity / Transmissivity

Infrared Windows for Marine Application

IRISS Blows Away the Competition with the New CAP-ENV

Special Offers and Giveaways!

Occupational Injuries From Electrical Shock and Arc Flash Events

2015 NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Know Your Emissivity

Infrared Windows – Do High Transmission Values Equal Greater Accuracy?

Infrared Windows and Arc Ratings: Dispelling the Myth of “Arc-Resistant IR Windows”

Why do companies still insist on installing products that de-rate their switchgear?

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