How Infrared Detector Response Can Wreak Havoc on Emissivity / Reflectivity / Transmissivity

Posted by Martin Robinson on 9/1/15 11:07 AM


As thermographers, we have always strived to produce the most accurate results using our thermal imagers and our spot radiometers.   Those of us that have had formal training consider many different issues when performing qualitative (temperature measurement) or quantitative (thermal patterns) inspections:

  1. Emittance of the surface
  2. Reflection source and intensity
  3. Focus of the imager
  4. Minimum focus distance
  5. Total field of view
  6. Spot size ratio and the distance to the target, considering the target size
  7. Transmissivity of a protective lens or infrared window
  8. Load on the equipment
  9. Atmospheric makeup
  10. Solar loading
  11. Forced convective cooling/heating
  12. Etc…

Topics: Education, Electrical Inspections

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