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Posted by Michelle Detweiler on 7/4/16 9:20 PM
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Just in time for Independence Day, the NEW E Sentry Connect Intelligent Asset Management Solution offers companies complete independence from antiquated data management systems.  Check out how the E Sentry Connect digitally stores all critical data related to your assets and their inspections on a simple to use NFC tag attached directly to the asset.

The beauty of this product is that the NEW E Sentry Connect utilizes NFC technology and there is a FREE IRISS App to read and write critical data directly to an E Sentry tag.

Free E Sentry App!NFC_Barracuda_001_cropped.jpg

This product can be used by any android based device that utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC).  Inspectors now have access to all of the critical historical inspection information needed to manage the asset by simply reading the tag. Through the cloud based subscription option, inspection routes can be created and assigned, notifications can be received and sent and temperature trends can be analyzed...just to name a few great features!

The struggle to manage and organize your inspections is over! 

The NEW product by IRISS, E Sentry Connect, will eliminate paperwork and time.  There is more than one E Sentry Connect Solution...Find out more about the new E Sentry Product line.

Capture your independence from the old to the new today!

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