When a Window Becomes a Door... An Infrared Window that is!

Posted by Rudy Wodrich on 8/31/16 3:30 AM
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Growing up in a large family in the 1970's, we had a single small (like 22") color TV that we would huddle around in our living room.  Inevitably, someone would get up during a program we were all watching intently and block someone else's view.  Often, it was the person trying to adjust the antenna for better reception that would be met with the typical smart aleck comment, "Hey, you make a better door than a window."

In the electrical equipment industry, what started out as a viewing window (infrared window) sometimes becomes nothing more than a door - a totally useless door that nobody can see through. That is what happened to one of our Utility Power Generation customers.  Read our case study to see how we fixed this to give them back a multi-function infrared window that they can now use for verification of visual isolation as well as for infrared inspection of a Medium Voltage inline breaker.

Case Study

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