Crystal IR Windows are Inferior to the IRISS Polymer IR Windows

Posted by Martin Robinson on 5/17/16 1:08 PM

This video in the IRISS E Learning Series discusses the 10 main advantages of the IR Polymer Windows over Crystal IR Windows. The 10 points outlined in this short video demonstrates the superior benefits of the Polymer IR Windows.  Polymer IR Windows were designed to specifically overcome the failure modes of the crystal infrared windows. 

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What Certifications Apply to Infrared Windows?

Posted by Martin Robinson on 9/3/15 9:48 AM

Years of industrial manufacturing experience have given technicians a trust that the minimum requirements necessary for certifying a product to UL standards are usually enough to ensure safe and reliable operation. In the case of infrared windows this is not necessarily true.

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Topics: Electrical Maintenance, Infrared Windows, Testing & Certifications, certifications

Infrared Windows and Arc Ratings: Dispelling the Myth of “Arc-Resistant IR Windows”

Posted by Martin Robinson on 4/7/15 10:00 AM

There exists a dangerous misconception regarding the “Arc Rating” of infrared (IR) windows or viewing panes. Many reliability and maintenance professionals are under the impression that an IR window will protect them in the event of an arc blast; still others are under the impression that installing IR windows will turn non-arc-rated switchgear or electrical equipment into “arc-rated” cabinets. Neither is the case, and both misconceptions need to be corrected because they present very real safety concerns.

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Topics: Arc Flash, Education, Infrared Windows, Arc Flash Safety, Standards & Regulations, certifications, switchgear

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