Is there an IR window “Pressure Rating” for use in ISO phase bus pressurized terminal boxes?

Posted by Martin Robinson on 10/1/15 10:30 AM

The short answer to your question is: No, there is no published ” pressure rating ” for the infrared (IR) window lens. There actually is no specific Standard existing to begin with requiring specific pressure withstand testing or assigned ratings for IR windows. However, IRISS products and lenses are tested against a minimum challenge of 950°Celsius and 25 PSI. In the case of IRISS only, this information does exist and is derived from the stunning results of much more severe testing parameters which our full product lines are subjected to–and this aspect is uniquely so for IRISS alone as our products are the most tested and certified in this industry and product category.

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Topics: Infrared Windows, Thermography, Testing & Certifications, Standards & Regulations, Isophase

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