Important Safety Standards For Every Infrared Window Application

Posted by Martin Robinson on 6/14/16 2:55 PM


Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS and developer of the IR Polymer Window explains the importance and necessity of IR Window certifications. The minimum requirements necessary for certifying a product to UL standards are usually sufficient to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the product; is that statement true or false? Well, in the case of an infrared (IR) window this is not necessarily true as specific application details must be factored in before its use can be deemed ‘safe’.

UL is a US based, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and worldwide safety consulting and certification company that performs safety testing. UL is the only organization to have a defining standard for infrared windows called UL50V. These devices are basically data collection ports for infrared inspection by thermal imaging camera that are designed to allow electrical inspections to be conducted with the utmost safety when the system is under load. They ensure the electrical enclosure remains in a ‘safe and guarded condition’ so the risk of arc flash or electrocution injury is eliminated.

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