Performing Critical Maintenance Inspections on Transformers

Posted by Debbie Whitehair on 5/3/18 9:48 AM

Preventing Transformer Failures

How critical are transformers in our everyday lives? Transformers are everywhere feeding various voltages into our homes and businesses and most people take them for granted.  When a transformer fails in a commercial or industrial setting, power disruptions will significantly affect many aspects of our everyday life.   Would you be happy if the power goes out during the Stanley Cup Finals or the NBA Playoffs? 

Preventing transformer failures is critical because a failure is costly:  high cost of replacement, long lead times for replacement and high in/our swap costs.  The disruption to operations when a transformer fails could be long and detrimental to clients served and could negatively affect customer satisfaction

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Tips for better surveys using Infrared and Ultrasound technologies

Posted by Martin Robinson on 9/8/15 3:48 PM

How do YOU perform an infrared electrical inspection?

For many people this is not something defined and utilized for ensuring every inspection goes correctly. Why not define the procedure on a work order? Can there be too many variables to write out a procedure? Taking the time to document the process on the front end of any job is not only prudent it is absolutely necessary for repeatable, consistent testing to take place. The benefits to the overall efficiency of the inspections, ensures safety for the personnel performing inspections, and non-technical management is made aware of any issues and in most cases “buys into” the program more readily when the entire process is defined at the onset...

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Infrared Windows – Do High Transmission Values Equal Greater Accuracy?

Posted by Martin Robinson on 4/9/15 11:44 AM

Modern thermal imaging cameras are designed to be exceptionally easy to use and apply.  Many set-up functions are automatic.  However, to achieve meaningful results a level of infrared understanding is vital.  While the camera operator does not need to have a physics degree, they must grasp sufficient theory to compensate for factors such as emissivity and solar reflection.

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